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St Augustine Raleigh St. Augustine Raleigh is a medium coarse, vigorous lawn grass and is the most widely adapted St. Augustine to the Southern U.S. with the exception of Florid. It is built for the Texas heat
Native St. Augustine Common St. Augustine Common St. Augustine is the standard in Texas for this variety of grass
Tiff Way Tiffway Bermuda Grass Tifway Bermuda has a medium fine textureand has excellent weed and disease resistance. It was developed for golfcourses. This variety loves full sun.
zoysia Zoysia El Toro Zoysia is a green colored and medium texture. It is particularly tolerant to drought conditions and resistant to disease. It stands up to wear exceptionally well and is a good choice for both commercial and residential.
centipede Centipede
Centipede grass is a slow growing creeping grass and has short stems growing upward.  This makes it resemble a centipede insect and so that is what it is called.
buffalo grass Buffalo
Buffalograss is commonly found from South Texas to the Texas Panhandle; but is rarely found on the sandy soils in the eastern part of the state or in the high rainfall areas of southeast Texas.
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